Friday, September 6, 2013

Well folks, I'm back at it! I have neglected my blogging because of life changes and challenges, but that has never stopped me from moving forward in the past! Keep your eyes open for more frequent Blogs here! The NEW NEWS, is that I have most excellent fans in the Great White North of Canada, who have graciously decided to sponsor a website for me since I never got around to making a page!!! YES, FINALLY a site with music and my new CD project as the MAIN focus!!! I'm SO excited, since the site looks AMAZING!!! I'm highly flattered by this honor since we are STILL (yes, it's still being recorded) working on "Forever Plan". We'll be posting some new and some old stuff up here, and mostly things that just fall out of my head. Life's STILL a struggle for creative people like me, but with God's help...we carry on! See ya soon! Gussie